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Screams From The Church Pew

Have you been hurt by a church? Do you have a hard time forgiving? Do you find it hard to love? Have you been hurt and find it hard to get past those feelings? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve heard stories from people who have found church confusing, hard to go to, or even damaging. Not every church hurts people, but most churches have hurt someone at some point. I have spoken with people who find it hard to love and feel as if they have no room for forgiveness. Some people are hurt through their own mistakes, others because of sin committed against them, and still others because of failed leadership. These actions can leave people reluctant to re-engage, they are afraid of being hurt again, wanting to protect themselves, and questioning the place of church, love, and the need to forgive in their lives. The good news is that you can get past the hurt. You can learn how to forgive and to love Gods way. Multi-bestselling Author Cathy Staton along with #3powerfulwomen tell their stories of hurt and pain, and how God turned their Pain into Gain. You will read #3powerful stories of tragedies turned into victories, HER STORY GOD’S GLORY!



Tara Tucker


Tara Tucker is a child of God, wife, mother, and Stage 3 Breast Cancer survivor, who is also blessed to share her thoughts and testimonies as a Christian Blogger, Author and Speaker. She is just like many of you, someone who was lost, but by the Grace and Mercy of God, found their way and purpose in life. She has been a truth seeker all her life, which led her to follow her childhood religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in her adult years. Her eyes were later opened by the Grace of God to reveal that the religion she trusted in was not “The Truth” it purported to be. That in fact, truth was found only in Jesus, and not in a religion. Tara received salvation in 2013, but not before her life took many twists, turns and dark paths.

Her unique testimony gives her a realistic perspective on life considering Scripture and her experiences.  Strangely enough, she exited the Kingdom Hall only to go to church where there was further confusion. Thankfully, the veil was lifted from her eyes, and as a result, she learned that being in church doesn’t mean you have it all together, and your behavior counts as much, or more so than your beliefs alone. She believes that being a Christian is a way of life and not a religion.

Her transformation has been so miraculous that from here on, she has made it her mission to help others out of bondage by sharing her testimony. She has learned the secret to living a joyful fulfilling life right now. Tara wants to share that secret with you. Enter her world, if for a moment, and see how she was pressed on every side, but not crushed. Her Story is in fact, for God’s Glory. She is candid in her beliefs and passionate in her delivery.  It’s by His grace and Mercy that she is alive, and she never stops acknowledging that. She lives a life of gratitude, thanking the Lord daily for His many blessings.

She has had several jobs before settling down to do her favorite job—writing Christian Non-fiction. Tara has also been involved in multiple speaking engagements sharing her testimony for the edification of others. Tara was featured on the Christian station, Worship Radio Detroit, on the show, “Your Change Matters.” She was part of the Survivorship Chronicles speaking open and honest about her Cancer journey. She started a prayer group called, “Jewels: Ladies of Prayer” in October of 2016, per direction from the Lord. She has a Devotional book series, entitled Coffee & Scriptures devoted to taking the believing woman to new heights in their relationship with the Lord. She is the author of Going Higher – A 12-week devotional, Co-Author of Screams from the Church Pew, Her Story, His Glory, and she has a memoir that will be released next year entitled, “A Journey through my Reflections, how did I get here?” She has a LIVE broadcast every Wednesday at 7pm EST on Facebook, in her group, "Going Higher Together," where she and her guests discuss the reality of having a living faith. She firmly stands on , "We are all one body," and believes that we need each other. 

Tara lives in Warren, Michigan with her husband and 3 children.  
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